Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!

My daughter Aubree has discovered that she loves to bake. Her father's favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip so she made him a batch a couple of weeks ago. Basically following the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip bag. I mean that's what we all use right?? Well as always they come out of the oven looking good but after sitting for a bit they get crunchy. If you like your cookies crunchy then forgive me. I prefer mine to stay soft!!! Not only are they tastier but they make eating while laying on the couch much easier. You know, no crumbs falling on your chest!!! Anyway... Aubs found a recipe that guaranteed soft cookies. Every review said they were the best homemade cookies ever!!! Well she went ahead and tried them and I have to say they are the best Chocolate Chip Cookies made at home I have ever had. And to test the softness staying power I left one on the counter unwrapped all night. It was still just as soft the next day!!!!!!

Forming of the dough!

Getting there. This little clump is what's left of a rather large clump. Unfortunately I did not think to take pictures before this stage.

Now I should not have to say this but just in case... Aubs pre-rolled the dough. These balls are just in storage waiting their turn to be loaded on the stone much farther apart from each other!!!
Of course if you are looking to make one GIANT cookie then by all means bake away!!!!

Baking away!! It was chilly in the house so the warmth from the oven was nice!!

Are they done?

Yes they are!!!

Cookie anyone!!!


Susan Palmer Edge said...

Yummy...ok so where did you list the recipe???

Those do look good, bring them to the next Bunco will ya?

Janice said...

Susan I thought about the recipe after I posted this.. LOL I don't have it and I don't know where Aubs found it. When I get it I will post.

jennifer_lb said...

So Janice, you are a blogger. I very much enjoyed reading your take on Paris and you made me laugh out loud when you recounted your close encounter at the urinal. Thanks for not waiting until there were pages and pages to read before introducing me to your blog. I do expect to taste some of those cookies if I get to come to visit in March