Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Orthodontist Nightmare!!!

I dont even know if I should write about this. I might overload the site with the rage that is seeping out of my fingers into the keyboard....

When we moved here my daughter was already wearing braces. So of course I had to get a ortho right away so she would not miss any appts. Well on our insurance there is only one ortho. So I called the office and was told I had to have her records from the other dr. Ok that's fine. I called up to MI and got them to send her records to the office here. Well after about 2 weeks of calling the office to see if they had gotten them I called the office up in MI. Just to make sure they sent them. Well of course they had. So the secretary there said she would call the office down here to find out what was going on. Now I had JUST talked to the office here before I called MI. (are you still with me? Good..) So about 15 minutes later MI calls and she cannot believe it. When she called the office here they told her that they had the records right there... So I call back to the office here and all I get is a recording. Now the recording says if you are a new patient please leave your name and # and we will get back to you. Yeah whatever... Did I hear back from them you ask? Of course not... So I had to leave and go back to MI and continued to call the office here and all I could get was this recording... Never did they call me back. By the time I got back down here I had had it. I called once again and what do you know. THEY ANSWERED!! I told them I was coming in to pick up the records and going elsewhere... In the mean time my daughter had a dentist appt and they also do ortho there so I thought I might as well check that out right? I mean get it done at the same place... Well, no. They only do the simple orthos and nothing complex so after wasting time at the dentist when I could have had a appt elsewhere the dentist refers me to another ortho and guess who?? Yeah that's right. The same one I had just walked into and took the records from. I am thinking that I will give them another try and see if getting a referral will help. So I set up a appt and finally get in there only to sit in the waiting area for a hour and a half. We finally get called back and my daughter has a broken bracket by this time. Not a big deal usually. The ortho sees her (oh and I walked into the office to make the appt and gave them back the records.) and goes through the files and asks if I have the records from her old ortho??? I said "Uh no.. I gave them to the lady when I made the appt." He calls the woman back and she says "nope we dont have them" I said "Yes you do. I gave them to you when I made the appt" So she goes to look again and of course she finds them. Then the dr says that they have to remove the braces that she has on because the material belongs to the other ortho and if something were to happen later on this dr would not be responsible since it was not his originally.. Ok whatever, just do it. So of course I have to make another appt for that... So we make a appt for last week and she goes in and the woman tells her that they will be putting bands on her and she tells the woman that she already has braces on. The woman looks at her and says "Well I dont know what you are doing here then" So out comes my daughter and tells me this. They call me up to the front desk and proceed to tell me that when they made the appt they did not realize that she had to have those removed first, so we would have to come back since it will take longer.... So they set up the appt for this morning at 8am... My daughter and I get there and no one is there.. I mean the door is locked.. So I call the office thinking they just forgot to unlock the door. Nope no one answers except that damn recording.... We sit in the parking lot till 8:25 during that time I call several times and go to the door and knock several times.... I called my husband and told him that he may be getting a call from the local sheriff sometime soon..... Because I am going to kill someone..... After waiting I called my insurance and asked them what happens if I use out of network. Well NOTHING happens with ortho. It does not matter who you use.. Why the hell would you not just say that. If it does not matter then why have it..... Needless to say I am in the process of getting a new ortho. After dropping my daughter off at school I called the office and of course still got the recording. This was at 9:00am. I told them that I had been there and waited almost a half an hour and that I have had nothing but problems with them and that I would be finding a new place. Also the moldings and xrays they took of my daughter, that I would be in to pick them up, since I paid for them, they are MINE....

Phew... I do feel better now. Thanks for listening and if you did not get through the whole thing I understand Of course if you did not you would not be reading this.. Also I never realized how many times I say so...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My first time!!

Ok so get your head out of the gutter. (you know who you are) It's not about 'that' first time, although maybe someday it will be.

This is the 'first time' blogging on here for me.

I am not sure what I am doing on here. I feel like I want to blog but then I think, "who the hell is going to want to read my thoughts?" Know what I mean? I am starting all over with a new life so what do I write about? My old life or my new one??

My family has moved away from the place I called home and left everyone behind. Now, I have moved soooo many times in my life so this should not be a problem for me, right? Well this time it is. I really considered for the first time in my life that place home. I got involved with the community, schools and made some fantastic friends. You can go to the grocery store and most likely see someone you know and knows you back. Of course this was a downfall when I would go with bedhead, bags under the eyes and a stain on the shirt. Then you would always see someone no matter the time of day. I am sure you all can relate. Now I am in a city of 100,000 and I walk through the grocery store and think, "will I ever see a familiar face?" I have often jokingly called myself a gypsy with all the times I have moved and started over. Each time gets better but for now I am still back there in the grocery store that I recognize and recognizes me stained shirt and all.