Friday, January 29, 2010

Shameful I know...

Yes I am using this blog to get myself something.. Shame on me I know. But I could not resist. Check out this site not only for the giveaway but also just because she is a fabulous photographer. Of course winning a trip to Seattle would be soooo cool to!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is It Real Or Is It Memorex....

Aubree is a vegetarian. (well recently she has switched to Pescetarianism) If you don't know what that strange word means, don't feel bad. I had never heard it until she introduced me to it. Basically it's someone who eats dairy and fish but no land animals. The word itself sounds like a religion to me....
She's the only one in the family that is. Which means when I make meals if there is meat in the ingredients I take out her portion before adding the meat. You know like spaghetti sauce. I make the sauce and take hers out before I add the burger. She's been a veggie for over 4 years so we are pretty used to it. At first though it was a real pain... Here is last nights dinner that she has wanted to make for awhile now. It's called Vegetarian Ribs... Now that's a oxymoron if I ever heard one. We made them without telling the rest of the family what they really were... Reminds me of a time when I was a kid and we were eating at my Aunt Ruth's. We had beef along with whatever else.... After we (kids) were done eating we were informed by our mother that the beef we just ate was cows tongue..... I remember being quite grossed out by the thought. But we all grew up so I guess it did not harm us to much....

Ok I got sidetracked, back to last nights dinner.... The process of making the 'ribs' was kind of gross for Aubree. Note I said Aubree. Hey she's the veggie so any mixing of weird stuff is her job.. Once they were in the oven and I was making the risotto to accompany the 'ribs' Andrew comes upstairs and says "mmm something smells good. Smells like meatloaf." Aubs and I gave each other a look and a grin.. :) Anywhooo to make a long story short, they came out of the oven looking surprisingly good. Much better then they looked going in. We sat down to eat and Sloan my other son took a couple of bites and was like "mmmmmm" The Aubs told him they were not 'ribs ' at all. He still had two so he liked them. I thought they were good. Andrew and Eric both did not like the texture and Eric said to me this morning that he hopes we don't make those again... lol Now the Pescetarian in the family did not like them at all...... Go figure..... Here is a link to the recipe just in case you are feeling adventurous..

Only 6 ingredients so not to bad. Gluten. That's a funny word don't ya think?

Speedy Gonzales chopping the onions. No tears were shed during making of this meal!!

Yep this is what it looks like before the shaping of the 'ribs' Want some? I know you do......

Out of the oven and bbq sauce is applied. They do kind of look like mini meat loafs...

Here is our accompaniment to the 'ribs'

Risotto recipe is on the back of the container. It was just ok... I have made it before, using a different recipe and it was much better. I hear that my sister Jennifer's risotto is wonderful so if she makes it out here in March she can expect to be making some!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Time in the kitchen.

Home cooking.. I am not talking about pulling a box of precooked preservative filled something out of the pantry or freezer. It's the flour, sugar, baking soda, real ingredients that I am referring to. Let's live in reality here for just a moment. We (my family) have been eating out of boxes and ready to cook freezer foods for years. As a matter of fact if there is nothing quick and easy to make my family get's nervous. "You mean I have to prepare my food??" Then of course it's a run to the store or drive-thru to take care of the problem.... Now it's not that I don't enjoy cooking, I really do. It's that we (I) have gotten lazy. Sooo I did not conciously make this a new years resolution but it's close to the new year and I have decided to change this issue, 'close to the new year and changing a habit' feels like a resolution......

I have been looking on the web for home cooking sites and although there are a unlimited amount them out there I have yet to find what I am looking for. I don't know what I am looking for but will know it when I find it. Of course I do have a boatload of cookbooks at my disposal. I could actually pick one up and turn the pages...... Keep your fingers crossed for our taste buds.... It's been awhile...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!

My daughter Aubree has discovered that she loves to bake. Her father's favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip so she made him a batch a couple of weeks ago. Basically following the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip bag. I mean that's what we all use right?? Well as always they come out of the oven looking good but after sitting for a bit they get crunchy. If you like your cookies crunchy then forgive me. I prefer mine to stay soft!!! Not only are they tastier but they make eating while laying on the couch much easier. You know, no crumbs falling on your chest!!! Anyway... Aubs found a recipe that guaranteed soft cookies. Every review said they were the best homemade cookies ever!!! Well she went ahead and tried them and I have to say they are the best Chocolate Chip Cookies made at home I have ever had. And to test the softness staying power I left one on the counter unwrapped all night. It was still just as soft the next day!!!!!!

Forming of the dough!

Getting there. This little clump is what's left of a rather large clump. Unfortunately I did not think to take pictures before this stage.

Now I should not have to say this but just in case... Aubs pre-rolled the dough. These balls are just in storage waiting their turn to be loaded on the stone much farther apart from each other!!!
Of course if you are looking to make one GIANT cookie then by all means bake away!!!!

Baking away!! It was chilly in the house so the warmth from the oven was nice!!

Are they done?

Yes they are!!!

Cookie anyone!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pant’s on the ground!!!

2nd night of Idol. It’s in Atlanta and I have to say I was not impressed…..

Bridge jumper Vanessa was better then I thought she would be. Typically Idol’s pre-story on a contestant let’s you know if they are one of the many who think they are good but are horrible. I thought the pre-story on Vanessa was on the ‘let’s make fun of this country girl’ side so I was waiting for her to be not so good. I am very glad she made it to Hollywood and I hope she does not get eaten up by the piranhas out there….

Guitar girl was good, she reminded me of Kelly Pickler, her voice that is.

Now Skiibo Ski was a shocker for me…. Very interested to see him in the big H… Will he take the judges advice and clean up his attire or will he head out west with the double ii’s???

Lauren and Carmen BFF’s for life. Will Lauren back up Carmen?? We will wait and see.... I agree with Simon, I don’t think Carmen will be gone for long… She won’t make it past the first cut in Hollywood…..

The others that I liked were Keia with the Titanic song, Jermaine the church boy who sang What If God Was One Of Us, which I happen to LOVE that song, was really good!!! Oh and the cop. He was not bad.

But over all there was no one that made me clap or go YEA tonight…… I have a feeling that most if not all of our Hollywood bound ATL contestants will be heading back this way quicker then they think…. Get a good look at the Pacific folks, it may be the last time you see it…….

Now 62 year old General Larry Platt mister “Pants On The Ground” himself will be around for awhile… I predict we will be seeing him in the final show of the season!!!!

Goodbye Atlanta... Get your windbreakers out everyone we are heading to Chicago!!!! Magnificent Mile here we come!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol 2010!!!!!

Hello Boston!!!!

First exciting news is Paula is gone!!!!! I know that sounds mean but really 8 years was enough. Lets be honest here, 5 was probably the max she should have been there but no one ever listens to me.....

I was surprised to see Kara as a judge. I thought she was gone and I know Ellen is stepping in for Paula, I just thought it was going back to 3 judges. Maybe Kara is only here for the audition part of the show?? I hope she is here for the entirety of it though... If I really wanted to know I could pause, open a new window, research and find out, but let's not.....

The show started off with the very energetic Janet who's name is wayyyyy to close to mine... Holy Buckets she was something..... I do believe that the American Idol Wii game has a major flaw... I loved it when she walked out after being told no and said to Ryan "they said I was bizarre" Ryan's shocked I don't know why they would think that reaction was great!! LOL

Now Maddie after Janet who sang Hallelujah was really good!!! I don't think she will make it past Hollywood but she was good

LMAO Pat the kid that wore the blue and white striped shirt who sang Womanizer was hilarious!!!! Not a good singer but he is going to be a politician or actor I think... LOL

Amadeo was GREAT!!!! Sing it boy!!!!! I bet sitting around his Italian families dinner table is a blast!!!!!

Gradgetating toward music???? Is that a new word?? Derek the blonde spiritual dude was, uh different.........

I mean really...... Do people not listen to themselves???? "Singing is my life, it's all I do" How many people have said that on this show???? It's amazing....

Clark Kent wannabe Andrew was WEIRD...... My favorite quote of the night is "I'm singing The House Of The Rising Sun, do you know that song?"

Ashley was good, the one who sang Alecia Keys "If I ain't got you" She won't make it all the way but she was good! I could be eating my words in a few weeks but I don't think so.

Tyler Grady without a doubt was my favorite of the night!!!! WOOHOO GO BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were some good ones but really until Tyler showed up I was just so-so. He made me clap and go YEA!!!!!! And yes I really do clap and yell out loud!!!!!! Tyler stay out of tree's dude.....

Others I liked were Katie, Justin the dude with cancer I really hope he makes it past Hollywood, I think Simon was awe struck by him actually LOL... Mike Davis Codzilla boy, second favorite quote "you wanna go out, maybe grab a steak sometime?" LOL. The last girl Leah she was definitely my favorite girl.

Of course I cannot end this without mentioning Norberto......... WOWSER........... Really?????

Goodbye Boston. Hello Atlanta!!!!