Saturday, January 10, 2009


Georgia. The State Of to be exact. Something inside me has been stirring the past few weeks. I think I might actually be deciding to stick around here for awhile. Anyone who know's me know's that I have not found my way since moving to the south. Well I am thrilled to announce that I may have found it! I might just let my husband know that it's ok to stop looking elsewhere for employment. Now I am not saying that I plan to retire here and never live in the north again because I don't see that in my future at all... But it's good to have a more positive feeling about it. I am just getting involved in volunteering in Macon which is something I love to do. I am looking forward to meeting new people in different circles and making a life here. YEAAAA it has happened. Honestly I can see myself here now and it's not such a gloomy picture!! And it's about time...;)