Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol 2010!!!!!

Hello Boston!!!!

First exciting news is Paula is gone!!!!! I know that sounds mean but really 8 years was enough. Lets be honest here, 5 was probably the max she should have been there but no one ever listens to me.....

I was surprised to see Kara as a judge. I thought she was gone and I know Ellen is stepping in for Paula, I just thought it was going back to 3 judges. Maybe Kara is only here for the audition part of the show?? I hope she is here for the entirety of it though... If I really wanted to know I could pause, open a new window, research and find out, but let's not.....

The show started off with the very energetic Janet who's name is wayyyyy to close to mine... Holy Buckets she was something..... I do believe that the American Idol Wii game has a major flaw... I loved it when she walked out after being told no and said to Ryan "they said I was bizarre" Ryan's shocked I don't know why they would think that reaction was great!! LOL

Now Maddie after Janet who sang Hallelujah was really good!!! I don't think she will make it past Hollywood but she was good

LMAO Pat the kid that wore the blue and white striped shirt who sang Womanizer was hilarious!!!! Not a good singer but he is going to be a politician or actor I think... LOL

Amadeo was GREAT!!!! Sing it boy!!!!! I bet sitting around his Italian families dinner table is a blast!!!!!

Gradgetating toward music???? Is that a new word?? Derek the blonde spiritual dude was, uh different.........

I mean really...... Do people not listen to themselves???? "Singing is my life, it's all I do" How many people have said that on this show???? It's amazing....

Clark Kent wannabe Andrew was WEIRD...... My favorite quote of the night is "I'm singing The House Of The Rising Sun, do you know that song?"

Ashley was good, the one who sang Alecia Keys "If I ain't got you" She won't make it all the way but she was good! I could be eating my words in a few weeks but I don't think so.

Tyler Grady without a doubt was my favorite of the night!!!! WOOHOO GO BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were some good ones but really until Tyler showed up I was just so-so. He made me clap and go YEA!!!!!! And yes I really do clap and yell out loud!!!!!! Tyler stay out of tree's dude.....

Others I liked were Katie, Justin the dude with cancer I really hope he makes it past Hollywood, I think Simon was awe struck by him actually LOL... Mike Davis Codzilla boy, second favorite quote "you wanna go out, maybe grab a steak sometime?" LOL. The last girl Leah she was definitely my favorite girl.

Of course I cannot end this without mentioning Norberto......... WOWSER........... Really?????

Goodbye Boston. Hello Atlanta!!!!

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