Monday, November 9, 2009

New History

Over the weekend my 7th grade son says that he needs a costume for school on Monday. His History class is doing a in class performance. No problem.. Until he tells me his costume is a member of the Taliban. That made me very uncomfortable. I thought to myself "I don't want my son dressing up as a Taliban member" But they are a part of History now whether I like it or not. My son of course states that it's not real mom don't worry about it. So I get out a couple of sheets and dress him up. Now that made me even more uncomfortable seeing the sheet wrapped around his head and face with only his eyes showing. I know it's only a production and it is part of his grade so I put away my discomfort and move on. This afternoon I go to the school to help him get dressed for class and he looks good. (which is so strange to use that word) But he does. When he walks away from me and goes into his class dressed like that, I imagined sitting in the classroom not having seen him yet and being startled by his appearance. It's not the head wrap or the draped clothes for me. It's the face being covered. I admit I do not know a lot about them and am not sure why they cover their faces, but to me it's brings terror, not unlike the K.K.K. Did we put on act's in school like that? I mean we certainly have had our share of different terrorists to choose from in History. Hitler comes to mind for me. A part of me does not want my children to be taught about the Taliban, that's the part that wants to forget about them and not give them any glory by having them in our books. But the rational part of me knows it's not possible to forget, it's something that should never be forgotten so we do have to teach, we do have to be reminded. Funny thing is when I was driving home after dressing my son like that, I was listening to a country station and the song It's America by Rodney Atkins came on. I thought that was very appropriate. :)

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