Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pant’s on the ground!!!

2nd night of Idol. It’s in Atlanta and I have to say I was not impressed…..

Bridge jumper Vanessa was better then I thought she would be. Typically Idol’s pre-story on a contestant let’s you know if they are one of the many who think they are good but are horrible. I thought the pre-story on Vanessa was on the ‘let’s make fun of this country girl’ side so I was waiting for her to be not so good. I am very glad she made it to Hollywood and I hope she does not get eaten up by the piranhas out there….

Guitar girl was good, she reminded me of Kelly Pickler, her voice that is.

Now Skiibo Ski was a shocker for me…. Very interested to see him in the big H… Will he take the judges advice and clean up his attire or will he head out west with the double ii’s???

Lauren and Carmen BFF’s for life. Will Lauren back up Carmen?? We will wait and see.... I agree with Simon, I don’t think Carmen will be gone for long… She won’t make it past the first cut in Hollywood…..

The others that I liked were Keia with the Titanic song, Jermaine the church boy who sang What If God Was One Of Us, which I happen to LOVE that song, was really good!!! Oh and the cop. He was not bad.

But over all there was no one that made me clap or go YEA tonight…… I have a feeling that most if not all of our Hollywood bound ATL contestants will be heading back this way quicker then they think…. Get a good look at the Pacific folks, it may be the last time you see it…….

Now 62 year old General Larry Platt mister “Pants On The Ground” himself will be around for awhile… I predict we will be seeing him in the final show of the season!!!!

Goodbye Atlanta... Get your windbreakers out everyone we are heading to Chicago!!!! Magnificent Mile here we come!!!!!!!!

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