Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's all about the food!

My family and I are going to WA State this summer and I am so excited! Of course I am most excited about seeing my family and friends but this blog is about the food!!

It's been 8 years since I have been back to WA and there are some things I miss in the food department that I have not been able to have in the states I have lived in. Here's a list of must haves over the 2 weeks I will be there!! In no particular order.

Chinese Village Restaurant in Hoquiam! Love their BBQ Pork and Chinese mustard!! You know it's good when your eyes run!!

Jack In The Box!! I know what you are thinking, fast food??? There are no JITB in any of the areas I have lived since leaving WA. The sourdough burger was my favorite! I can feel the buttery goodness of the bread as I type! And yes I do mean "feel". You need a napkin when you are finished! On the trip from MI to GA I did see a JITB off the Interstate in Tennessee about 6 in the morning. If it had been open I would have turned around...

Bridges Restaurant in Aberdeen. I have to get a Long Island Iced Tea!! Yes you can get those anywhere but I am here to tell you, no place makes them like Bridges!! Of course my sister could just give me the recipe since she was the bartender for years...

Billy's Restaurant in Aberdeen. I HAVE to have some Rattlesnake Eggs!!! I know it sounds gross but let me tell you, they are a surprisingly good time!!!! If you like I can bring some back for you. They travel very well! A little cocktail sauce and lemon and mmm mmm good!

Blue Beacon Restaurant in South Aberdeen. The fish and chips are soooo yummy!!!

Pike Place Market Seattle! I don't know the name of the vendor but they Gyro's are the best!!!!

And last but certainly not least.

13 Coins Seatac Restaurant. This place will be visited more then once. Guaranteed... They have such a good Antipasto w/sourdough bread and that's all the entree I need even though it's not a entree. But the real reason it's my absolute favorite place is the "Fried Ice Cream" Whenever I am at a restaurant that has fried ice cream on the menu I order it, just hoping that it's comparable to the greatness of 13 Coins. But no, have not found it yet. This stuff is so delicious I can taste it now!! Eric took me here when we were dating, my first time ever having escargot and sweet breads... I knew what the snails were but had no idea what sweet breads were..... It was not horrible but I would not order it again nor would I order the snails.. But I tried them. Now if you decide to try 13 Coins, I am talking about the one in Seatac near the airport. Not the one downtown Seattle. Been there once and I prefer my Seatac location.

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Susan Palmer Edge said...

Most of that sounds yummy. It's funny how you have 'must eats' in places you have lived.

And I've heard you talk about that fried ice cream a lot. Glad you will get to have it again.