Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Voting Time...

It's the first week of America voting on Idol! This is where the contestants really have to show us what they have to offer. So why oh why is it that every year they sing the worst songs during this time? Can someone explain this to me because I am baffled. I know these people have watched the show and have seen what happens during this time. You have to come out and rock that stage, it needs to be upbeat and get the voters at home clapping and going YEA!!!! Don't sing ballads people..... It's slow, boring and a great way to get your arse sent home... So here is my breakdown of the two nights.

First night is the girls. There were some that were ok but pretty much the whole night was boring. I called it a girls season this year... Right now after both nights, I am not sure anymore.

First up is Paige Miles. Did we ever see her in Hollywood? I think she can sing but she's a unknown so I would not be surprised to see her in the bottom.

Janell Wheeler I predict will be in the bottom for sure. Sorry Janell but you don't sing Heart.. Come on now.

Lilly Scott! She is so different then anyone else and she is good!!! No worries with her.

Katelyn Epperly singing "Oh Darling" I thought was really good! I love her voice, there are parts of it that remind me of Kelly Clarkson!! And Kara with the whole makeover comment, I love it when people change their looks!!

Haeley Vaughn.. She sang "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" What can I say about that performance.. WOW.. Not good at all. I agree with Simon about her smiling the entire time and she was so screechy it was painful......

Lacey Brown. Song was "Landslide" I have such high hopes for her. I really love her voice but oh my goodness it was scary Tuesday night.... I really hope she stays but I think she's going to be in the bottom.

Siobhan Magnus, not good...

Crystal, Crystal, Crystal.... She's really talented and I do hope next week she will bring something other then coffee house performances. No doubt she will be here. She has a lot of followers.

Katie Stevens was the biggest surprise for me. I was not expecting her to do much but I have to say I thought she was the best of the night!! Yes she's 17 and yes the Michael Buble song may be old for a 17 year old but so what.. She sang that song and I completely disagree with the judges. If we remember right, her audition song choice was "At Last" so maybe that's just who she is...

Ashley Rodriguez, Michelle Delamor, Didi Benami just ok. I think they will be fine.

Now onto the fellas...

After the girls I was hoping the guys were going to bring it and blow me away... Unfortunately once again that did not happen. I don't know maybe I have just watched this show to long, I find myself commenting on things such as their upper and lower registers, pitch and technical things like that... And like Simon, I am usually right... LOL So a quick run through of the the boys here.

Todrick Hall singing "Since You've Been Gone" was just weird.. Hated the arrangement, completely killed the song in a bad way. He has a good voice but with that performance and with the scandal surrounding him, I think he's leaving us soon if not tonight.

Aaron Kelly, Big Mike, Alex Lambert were good. Not much more to say.

Jermaine Sellers. Dude should not go that high....

Tim Urban, they brought him back after Chris Golightly was removed for apparently having a 2 year contract with Dream Projects Entertainment when he auditioned for Idol
Anyway back to Tim's performance.. Let's just say we will not be seeing him on the big stage unless a miracle happens..

Joe Munoz, I just did not get him..

Tyler Grady :( I was sooooo looking forward to his performance over anyone else. Way to disappoint Tyler.... Next week you need to do something drastic..

Lee Dewyze was great! One of the best of the night, unfortunately that does not say much.. LOL

John Park, I could see him in the bottom tonight.

Casey James...... Yes it's obvious he's nice to look at. He also has a great voice. So why did he come out and sing a ballad? Come on Casey, looks can only take you so far. Are you safe? Of course you are. The judges however have to cut the whole Kara thing off. It's distracting for the voters and it's distracting for Casey. It's not right to do that at this point of the competition.

Andrew Garcia, everyone loves him! But like Casey he should not have sang a ballad. I think some of these people think they have such a following that they don't need to go above and beyond to impress us... It will eventually bite you in the arse, I am here to tell you..

So basically the ones in jeopardy tonight are as follows.



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