Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sequel to "My First Time"

It's been a year since I posted my first blog about moving and missing everything about MI. I would say it is update time.

The past year living here in GA has been a tough one. We have had issues with our teenage daughter (which I will not go into) in November I gave up my Suburban for a smaller car. That lead to a major breakdown for me. I mean MAJOR.... Who knew one could be so connected to a gas guzzling, money burning vehicle?? My husband actually considered moving us back up north because of how I reacted to that. He really did not know how to handle it and I could not help him since I was just as perplexed as him as to what the hell was happening to me.... I like my car now so I am over it. :) It took me until the first of the year to accept the fact that I was not just visiting and would be moving back to MI soon. Last Fall I did however get involved and started a Newcomers group and have made a very good friend from that. Also I am very involved in a local online mom's group and we get together often for lunches, night's out etc etc. So yes I have made friends and I am doing much better. I usually do not have a problem with making friends and putting myself out there. Just this move was so emotionally hard on me that I have noticed myself not putting in the effort. Who knows maybe it is a subconcious way of protecting me. Why make great friends, make myself part of the community just so I can go through that again when we move next time. Yes it's a morbid way of thinking and no I do not like it at all.... So the first of the year I decided to jump off the pity potty cliff and knock it off... Things have been much better, it's amazing how a positive attitude can change your outlook on things. Who would have thunk it?? Now school is starting up again next week and my plan is to become much more involved with the schools this year. I took last year off, but I am ready.

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